The University of Toronto Mississauga’s Academic Plan reflects the contributions of faculty, staff, librarians, students, alumni, and community partners to create a roadmap for the future of the campus that makes the most of its superb community, resources, and location. Over the next four years, the campus will foster a nurturing, high-performance environment while providing increased support for path-breaking research and initiatives as well as for programs and strategies that enhance student success and engagement.

This Dashboard contains information about our Implementation Plan, which outlines specific objectives and parallel strategies to help UTM achieve the five major goals set out in its Academic Plan. This translates into various tactics, targets, reporting mechanisms, and an overall accountability framework to regularly track our progress and success in realizing these goals. Many objectives identify particular individuals, academic units, and/or offices that have primary responsibilities in overseeing Implementation and will play key roles in rolling out these initiatives on campus.

The Office of the Dean welcomes all thoughts and recommendations with respect to Implementation of the Academic Plan. If you have suggestions for new initiatives that align with the goals of the Academic Plan, we encourage you to contact us to discuss the possibility of adding new objectives or sub-objectives to the dashboard.  Please also let us know if you have an update to share regarding progress on any of the implementation elements.  Please submit your suggestions and comments to